Simply Ordinary


I have found myself to be quite restrained when it comes to writing blog posts. I have seen so many and wonder how I could possible compare to the originality and attractive personalities out there.   Instead I will just state it plainly.  I choose to be ordinary and will seek the power in it.  The hardest challenge I had with writing my book was finishing it. If I finished my book then there would be no excuses.  I struggled over this fear for months before tiring of it and refusing to bare its weight any longer. That’s how I see the world and our problems with in it.  We hold onto our excuses and the weight so we don’t have to face the fears.  In the end I figured out the worse outcomes. Someone wouldn’t like my book. Someone would hate my book.  Okay.  It is bound to happen.  After an editor told me that she liked my book I considered that it might not be all that bad.  As I have talked to others that believe so heartily for their own ideas.  I tell them, let them exist.  Write them.  Start now.  Begin your outlines and make your characters live. Don’t live behind fear.