4 Must Have Tips for Writing, Dont be a Dummy

Writing Fiction for Dummies.

Do not be offended by a dummy book. There are many things we are all dummies about. We were given certain talents that we thrive with and others; well, we need to work on them. I bought this book to try and understand how to compose a story worth reading and while I found myself skipping through some of the information. I did find it useful and helpful in defining my techniques and putting a name with writing terms. I got a business degree not a writing one. I suggest it to all those trying to begin their works of fiction.  If this is your first book or second or third we can all learn the process better. I had a friend tell me that he had a book idea, but when he sat down to start writing, he ended up sitting there for over an hour without any words typed. “How do I start?” he said. This book can help you figure out how to put your ideas down on paper. According to the book with my first novel I was a Seat-of-the-pants writer. It took me four years to pound out that sucker!  For my sequel I am now a Snowflake writer. It took me six months for the second.  I now have my third and fourth book deeply outlined. I can tell I am getting better each time. Thank you everyone for the gold star! We will all get better as we go.  The book will help you:

  • Find your target audience
  • Choose your creative paradigm
  • Invent compelling characters
  • Create a multi-layered plot

As I started to read this book I recognized it was teaching me what was in or not in my own story.  Lets call it defining it. There are many layers to a book and that’s what we are trying to learn and accomplish.  I always say when your trying to know more about something you don’t know much about go to the source or a dummy book.