Maleficent, I WANT MORE!


Once again we are back to talk story. Hubs and I took the kids to see Maleficent this weekend and the kids loved it! It had tons of beautiful graphics portraying a fairy world with all the sparkles and a dragon, and a winged flying Maleficent, and fairies. It was good for all these things, but what it lacked was dialogue. The movie took on a narrative voice almost the entire thing, which made it very hard to actually care and connect to any of the characters beside Maleficent. All the connective scenes  were flashes of events in a narrative voice and the movie was only an hour and a half so they had plenty of time to stick in some dialogue scenes. The characters that I could not stand were the not so smart fairies that the movie suggests that the baby (Aurora) would have died if not for Maleficent. I would have preferred that only one of the fairies be as dumb witted and the other two had more sense. They had plenty of opportunity to add more into the scenes that helped us connect to the characters, but alas it all simply fell short and I am naming this a visually exciting and stimulating story, and not much else.

Examples: Instead of Aurora waking instantly upon “M’s” kiss it could have waited years causing a deeper hurt and struggle. The king’s down trodden scenes could have had him talking in his madness actually telling us what his plans were and the anger, hurt, fear, sorrow, and rage inside him. King and Queen scenes could have caused tension to help us understand the destruction of his choices. Actual conversations could have built a better and connectable relationship between “M” and Aurora. I wanted more dialogue when “M” tried to revoke the curse, more of what was going on in her mind and heart before she tries to do it. I wanted everyone to have a stinking voice!