What is wrong with TV today!

Missing from TVWhat is wrong with TV today!

Conflict. We all have it.  It’s very much needed, especially in a story, and one conflict is never enough.  Conflict can come from several different sources.  We all have our own individual conflicts that we struggle with in life, lack of happiness, weight, self confidence, feeling like we have control over our lives, love, connection with people, job, expression of self, finding who you are instead of what everyone else wants you to be, and on and on and on.  Then there are external conflicts, how much you get paid, having enough time, elemental events, but one of the main ones come from being subject to other people’s agency. We are here to act and to be acted upon and that my friends, cause conflicts.

In order to overcome conflict we must first understand the problem. I have really started to dislike the television programs that are around these days because of their conflicts and “solutions”.  I find them all the same, with reoccurring cycles.  So and so have to do this big act to save half the town or something. They are set on the path but then someone they love is put into jeopardy and they choose to not go through with the plan, countless others are hurt and selfishness prevails.  Then it happens again and again and again until the town is destroyed, the people are destroyed, and the loving relations that we were swooning over are, destroyed.  Can’t it get deeper than that? Why do we continue to resurrect villains? Can’t come up with anything else better? Audience too attached? What is the point to having a story where there is no growth in the plot? No real accomplishment? Too hard to create?  I want people to die, I want people to live, I want people to love and not love, I want progress in time, I want diabolical plans from different villains non related to each other (I’m sure they exist), I want adaptation and digression. Otherwise I don’t want to watch you.

Conflict is important, but what is more important than conflict? Development.

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