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This Dark Eve story is best read after reading book 4 of the series, The Dark Eve: Amamar Warrior

Whatever you do, don’t sign your name…

John Vaster, quartermaster of The Dark Eve, tumbles mid-adventure into a precarious situation: the mysterious Book of Sollicitus sucks him into its ghoulish pages. The horrifying realm within creates a unique torture for every crazed inhabitant—and everyone else trapped is already dead.

Caught amid a motley collection of lost souls, Vaster suffers his worst nightmare on repeat, a peril that affects his unconscious body in the real world. As the pendulum of death swings ever closer, he must band together with the other unwilling captives to accomplish what no one has before: escape and survive. Otherwise, an eternity of torment lurks to consume him.

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Beldagar grew up experiencing strange premonitions within the dark gold mines near his primitive village. The only break in his life comes at a festival for the gods where he meets Rose. When his life feels like it is finally altering, a cursed sorceress comes revealing his fate and foretelling Rose’s death. He must choose the sorceresses deal or to take matters into his own hands. But, what if the final cost is murder?

Fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Eragon will love this book.Reader Testimonial