Why I love all the Villains and hate the Amazing Spiderman.

Villains**Spoiler Alert**

           It is quite the opposite.   A story has to have many levels. We have already once talked about how every character needs a back story.  Sometimes, and in the instance of the latest Spiderman movie, the hero gets all the glory and all the back story.  In these great stories, we simply slap a conversational background on our villains or they appear suddenly with their dark scowling faces. Our own imaginations have to think up what horrible sickness exists in their minds, what great misunderstandings, and grotesque events happened to them to turn them to the “dark side”.  I believe that Star Wars has covered that.  But these great blockbuster movies that we are supposed to rave over, have given us nothing but a one conversational scene to cover a life of heartbreak. In the first Spiderman, with the revamped characters and worthy villain, the lizard man, we got to love the quirky, fun hero and enjoy the awkward romance that ensues with Gwen. Loved it. But in this next movie I felt like they wanted to show only the hero and his love. Granted she has a grand exit scene.

I guess my greatest disappointment is with Harry Osborne.  I guess I wanted him to still succeed in his path of destruction for the good of the story. Every hero must and always does have a villain. But I wanted the green goblin to have a mightier fall.  Sometimes to build up the greatest villain we must allow them to fail completely, with little success to ignite a greater fire.  Sure he takes the spider venom and the goblin suit saves his life and connects to his brain so he can fly that flying thingy, but did it make him a pro over night.  All the sudden he is an expert at arm to arm combat and can contend greatly with Peter Parker, aka Spiderman who now has some time and skill under his belt because he has spent every day from the moment of his change saving the lives of the city.  BUT we need an epic fight scene!!!! That’s what people want???? Right?  And apparently we didn’t get that with Electro, which they did a little better at developing.  Then we will throw the mindless Rhino in at the end.  I wanted the green goblin to fall short of being successful in his own eyes and the only thing that he succeeded in was setting forth the events of the death of the lovely Gwen. Besides that he should have been a toddler flying his air scooter and a miserable, insane wreck of a man who can only be appeased by what he wants, despite what that is.  All of these things could be disputed, but what I am trying to say is in these great stories that we have in our minds we need to put as much in the villains as we do the heroes.  Otherwise all we have are fast mind stimulating battle scenes with no emotional experience besides a quick beating heart. My biggest fear for the next spider adventures is that the villains will not live up to what I want them to be, more than just an angry face.