The Healer By Cynthia Anaya


Recently I have felt my reading itch scratching away and it started by hearing of an old high school acquaintance’s wife who had recently published a book.  Of course I’m interested being a new author myself and went onto the amazon site and purchased the book.  Let me just say, I want to read the next one she has in line.  She tells a twenty-four hour story of a young girl who has possessed miraculous healing powers since the age of ten.  In an instant her life is changed as two mysterious men show up in her life with accusations knowing who and what she is. Which she is interested in understanding herself. It ended a little abruptly and might not have answered all the questions in my mind, but hey there needs to be a little mystery! It was a breath of fresh air compared to the trending vamp and werewolf stories. I found myself wanting to continue reading. Check it out and tell me what you thought.