The Edge of Tomorrow…KILLS IT!!!!


The Edge of Tomorrow


            Once again I have gotten a good story fix. This ground hog adventure gone action fantasy did not disappoint. Who doesn’t love Groundhog Day! The Edge of Tomorrow did a fantastic job of telling a good story and having plenty of action.  The main character played by Mr. Tom Cruz had a developing roll through the entire film.  He started off playing the cowardice roll. His first day on the beach was exactly what I probably would have been if I had been thrust into a combat situation within 24 hrs of notice. I probably would be worse. His reaction turned many different ways until he finally realized his roll and played the part, because he valued something else more than his life. This is how I think reincarnation should payout if I believed in it. That we all have major rolls to play and until we get them right we have to re-do.  I actually wonder how many days he died because they did not show them all through the progression in the movie.

The only thing that was hard to swallow was the ending of this movie.   First of all it was instantly hard to accept, at least for me.  It was the only part that left me questioning, “Plot hole?”  It took my husband and I at least an hour of hashing it out to figure it out.

1.  Don’t understand the point in time that he jumps to in the end.  If we are going by what the movie says. (That they reset the day, then it should have been the day before. Which they did not show us in the movie! Which is why they probably flashed to when he was in the Chopper.)

2. Can he now bend time since he got covered by both the Alpha and the Omega and that’s why he went back to that time?  IF so, YOU DID NOT EXPLAIN THAT IN ANY WAY and since this is a new idea that you have formed in our minds, YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPLAINED IT IN SOME WAY.

3. If he went back in time then why did the events of the day before still exist?  Hum, changed the basis of what we were working with, of course we are confused. This is where we started comparing the movie with ending in Inception.  But in Inception they stay true to their concept. Here is where they betrayed their own science.

4. The last line of this movie was all wrong. (ALERT, ALERT, personal opinion) There was only one thing that they gave us from our Angel that meant something.  It was the biggest piece of personalization from our Heroine and I think he should have used it to personalize their relationship.  ROSE!!!!!!  He should have said her name and let her iron face melt in the last scene. The simple laugh at her continual response to him did not do it for me.  It did not cover the connection that was there between them.

I was amazing how this ending lowered my enjoyment of this movie just a little bit.  According to my hubby it lost a star.  Ouch.   One name and a star are equal, but it goes to show how important the main points of your story are. Beginning, middle, and end. Plot, theme, conflict, resolution, development, and so on. Get one wrong and we will be sitting for hours figuring it out.


How they could have ended it.  He gets covered in the energy and can see the past flashing through his mind and chooses to go back to the chopper, lands and since he is a general now he can come up with some good story about how he knows where they have to strike. They send in all they have in an epic battle of glory against the Alpha, that he leads, next to his ROSE, and the enemy is defeated.    Now my ending might lack luster but it gets rid of the story hole and keeps to the science and they all can live, Happy Ever After, with PTSD.