The Dark Eve: Without Redemption Synopsis

Young Mr. Basile decides to leave his comfortable yet harshly controlled life for a position on a pirate ship called The Dark Eve. He sets off with the dreams of living independently and on his own terms. Only to be surprised to find out that the Captain is a woman, but not just any ordinary woman. Acantha turns out not only to be infamous, but a coldblooded, heartless, and fearless adversary. When Basile finds his questions concerning her to be unwelcome he becomes consumed by the mystery of her and her success. Without understanding his actions he finds himself probing deeper and deeper into her life, which proves to be difficult and life threatening if she were to discover him.
All the while they are set into a deep adventure in pursuit of Acantha’s sister who has been missing for over a year. With no sign of her whereabouts Acantha turns to divine help, her dreaded last resort that sets her course into unknown dark waters. Bringing her face to face with a long unseen enemy armed with a supernatural monster and Wraith army.
Acantha now must decide what she is willing to sacrifice; her ship, her crew, and even her soul to save her family and protect their secrets.

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