How to Train your Dragon 2 – TWO THUMBS UP!



Well on our trip to CA we got to see the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2 with our two eldest and the in laws.  Let me just say…it was AWESOME!  It appeased my story fix.  They took time to tell the story and give us the action. The characters were developed; of course, they had developed most of them in the first movie.  There was great sacrifice, which they proved they were willing to do in the first movie by having Hiccup lose his leg, and it didn’t fly through the story too quickly.  They took time to introduce the mother and help her back into the story by explaining who she was.  The one thing I found myself wanting more was the ALPHA fight! I wanted more destruction and action on that part.  Don’t get me wrong they did a great job and the film was full of action and flying.  I also wanted a little more at the end. Maybe a hand to hand with the villain and hero, but they did a good job showing how both Toothless and Hiccup had to change for their world to work, and that loyalty could always be stronger than the natural order of things. I’m guessing they left the ending open for another movie; they didn’t exactly kill off the enemy, so we could very well see them again. They also insinuated that Toothless was the last of his kind, which could play well into the next movie as to that not being true.  In my mind it was a two thumbs up. Two Thumbs up people! TWO THUMBS!

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