Does the audience prefer mindless graphics or a good story?


Ok, I am going to admit that my husband posted this. I didn’t actually see the movie, but he described it to me and based on what he said, I agree.  It’s so sad because they have so much to work with to make an amazing story and all it has been is action, the same plot, the same villain and sex. Really! You had to bring Megatron back? But he is the main antagonist in the transformers world. (Whiny voice) He’s the joker in batman, the Lex in Superman; he is the Magneto in X-men. So what!!!!!!! The Transformer’s has such great science they could create a new villain and progress the story.  There are so many places that they can go and they refuse to do so!!! Plus they had 2 hours and 40 minutes to show only 30 minutes of the new characters the dino bots in the end.  In my opinion they have not been able to create a good movie. Good action, good graphics and that is just about it.  I’m all about the story. I want a good Transformers movie! Please somebody do it right!!!!!

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